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We are primarily developers and systems integrators. We design and implement comprehensive systems down to the last detail, resulting in a heterogenous environment.

We carry out the implementation of software solutions from start to finish.

We bring the experience that we have gained with major projects into smaller ones, exercising the same degree of care in the development of mobile applications and the  interconnection and security of application, while also advising our clients in these matters.

We have been doing all of this since 1992.

We have delivered authentication server solutions to Komerční banka, ČSOB Banka, ČSOB Poisťovna and NN Životní pojišťovna.

We have provided complete e-banking solutions to EXIMBANCE, Citfin, Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Nordoberpfalz eG nebo Privatbanka.

We have supplied product B2B portals to J&T BANK and DPD.

We are partners of OneSpan, Microsoft and ForgeRock.


We develop and deliver custom software solutions. We perform systems integration. Depending on the nature of the project, we build on the products and technologies of our partners.


We offer development of custom software solutions and the possibility of using our sophisticated OfficeLine technology platform, which contains pre-prepared components allowing reduction of the time required for implementing solutions.

We integrate e-banking within comprehensive portal solutions including services and products of our customers’ partner organisations (investment, leasing and insurance, among others).

Strong authentization

We implement strong authentication of users and authorisation of their requirements. We handle single-sign-on to applications and adaptive authentication, simply everything that you may need in this area. We offer our own products, the eCobra authentication server and eCobra Token, an authentication application for mobile devices.

We also successfully build solutions based on products from third parties such as OneSpan and ForgeRock.

Mobile applications and communication

Since 2004, we have also been focused on development of mobile banking applications for Android and iOS (previously also for Windows Phone and Java).

Our mobile applications for strong authentication serve as keys for access to services requiring a high level of security and are used by the clients of several Czech and Slovak banks.

Custom portals

When your clients long in, they can expect to have everything at their fingertips.You also need to facilitate clients’ access to the broadest range of services.

We build custom B2C and B2B portals using strong authentication, single-sign-on, service stratification, client segmentation and onboarding processes. We perform systems integration for such solutions.

We collaborate

We have been collaborating with OneSpan (previously Vasco), the global leader in the field of strong-authentication technologies, since 1998.

Sophisticated and highly rated turnkey solutions for electronic signing of documents.

We deliver authentication, authorisation and identity-management solutions based on products from ForgeRock.

We are a Silver Microsoft Partner.