We develop and deliver custom IT solutions. We also use more universal technologies that can be applied to various applications.


We offer development of custom software solutions and the possibility of using our sophisticated OfficeLine technology platform containing pre-prepared components in order to reduce the development time. We integrate e-banking within comprehensive portal solutions including the services and products of our customers’ partner organisations (investment, leasing and insurance, among others).


OfficeLine is connected via the agreed interface to the banking information system (core system). Due to the nature of most banking (core) information systems and the high cost of modifying those systems, we commonly implement on the OfficeLine side an interface precisely according to the needs of the core system (on the basis of REST or SOAP, through MQ, at the database level, etc.). In every case, the connection is seamless and the services (functionalities) for clients and other types of users are online and available 24/7.

OfficeLine offers a sophisticated model for setting assigned rights (for definition of authorised users’ access to the bank’s products), segmentation of clients, determination of (joint and individual) service packages and choice of client-billing mode and definition of the security policy, such as service access settings, e.g. transaction limits, among other things.

OfficeLine is multi-channel platform. With these functionalities implemented, multiple channels, web applications, mobile applications, IVR and call centres, among other things, are available.

The high security of every electronic banking solution on the OfficeLine platform is a matter of course. We particularly recommend combining electronic banking (OfficeLine) with our eCobra authentication server.

OfficeLine enables, for example:

  • implementation of any type of transaction
  • setting of assigned rights for defining access to products by authorised persons
  • segmentation of clients
  • determination of joint and individual service packages
  • choice of client-billing mode
  • definition of the security policy
  • notification settings

The platform is suitable for various business models. Basic services include Internetbanking, which serves for managing bank accounts, executing payment transactions and other services.

We offer internet banking on the OfficeLine platform in three variants:

  • Internetbanking Mobile – basic version optimised for mobile devices
  • Internetbanking Corporate – expanded version to meet the needs of medium-sized and large clients, enabling execution of a large number of banking operations, approval workflow and administration of assigned rights executed by the bank’s clients online
  • Mobile Banking – alternative to standard internet banking in the form of a native application for the Android and iOS operating systems

Strong authentication

We implement strong authentication of users and authorisation of their requests. We handle single-sign-on to applications, adaptive authentication and everything else that you may need in this area. We offer our own products, the eCobra authentication server and eCobra Token, an authentication application for mobile devices. We also successfully build solutions based on products from third parties such as OneSpan and ForgeRock.

eCobra Server

We provide eCobra Server for solutions of stand-alone authentication servers (integrated with B2C or B2B portals, electronic banking, etc.) and as part of our portal solutions (in which case our customers receive a software solution for providing their clients with services functionalities directly linked to strong authentication).

eCobra Server is intended for all customers requiring solutions involving strong authentication, transaction authorisation, activation of authentication methods, authorisation of access to services and applications.

eCobra provides an out-of-the-box solution for implementation of authentication methods:

  • OneSpan (DIGIPASS®) and SafeNet software and hardware authentication tokens
  • eCobra Token – mobile application for strong authentication developed in-house
  • SMS authentication
  • GRID cards
  • Code tables (TAN).
  • Ordinary static passwords or PINs
  • Randomly selected password positions

eCobra Token

eCobra Token is a mobile authentication application, a “key” for strong authentication when accessing services and applications.

How does the application work?

Users download the eCobra Token application to their mobile devices and, during the first login, enter the activation data they receive via SMS or e-mail, and then select their password for accessing eCobra Token. Clients can also activate the use of biometrics (fingerprint), thus eliminating the necessity of entering a password when using eCobra Token.

If login to the application is requested, the server sends a PUSH message to the user’s mobile telephone, eCobra Token is launched and the user is verified by means of biometrics or, as the case may be, by entry of a password. The user then only confirms his/her login. (eCobra Token generates in the background a single-use password, which it sends to the server for verification). If everything is in order, the user will be automatically logged in.

The process is essentially the same for authorisation of a transaction or signing of a document. The “only” difference is that instead of a one time password, a code that is specific to the transaction or document data is generated. On the one hand, this ensures protection of the code against alteration by an attacker (by means of a MITM or MITB attack) and, on the other hand, it provides proof of what the user intended to authorise (sign).

In the event that a data connection is not available, eCobra Token features an offline mode, which differs primarily in the fact that the user must manually enter a single-use password or code in the application into which he or she wants to log in or where he or she wished to carry out authorisation.

We strictly adhere to the WYSIWYS (what you see is what you sign) principles.

Mobile applications and communication

Since 2004, we have also been focused on development of mobile banking applications for Android and iOS (previously also Windows Phone and Java). Our mobile applications for strong authentication serve as keys for access to services requiring a high level of security and are used by the clients of several Czech and Slovak banks.

In the area of mobile communication, we provide individual components and interfaces that enable the following services:

  • Connection to mobile operators
  • Top-up of prepaid cards
  • SMS gateways

Customer portals

When your clients long in, they can expect to have everything at their fingertips. We build custom B2C and B2B portals using strong authentication, single-sign-on, service stratification, client segmentation and onboard processes. We perform systems integration for such solutions.


We developed the ePortal integrated solution, which is able to combine originally separate services, i.e. consolidate a continuously expanding offer of products and integrate gradually introduced software applications.

ePortal means synergy:

  • for operators – significant improvement of the effectiveness of processes in the form of better targeting of offers thanks to the possibility to obtain more information on the needs of clients
  • for their users (clients) – consolidation of products and services that are accessible to clients on the basis of single-sign-on and in one place

Thanks to the combining of several services and products, operators of online services can easily detect business cases among both existing and potential clients – ePortal handles onboarding.

ePortal distinguishes between services accessible to registered clients and to anonymous clients

  • anonymous client (prospect) – the portal operator responds to requests for a product or service and informs the client about the result of decision-making.
  • registered client – when entering the site, the client gains access to all available services.

The portal is most commonly used by customers from financial companies, to whom it has proven itself in the area of supporting sales of time deposits, payment cards, consumer loans, financial leasing and insurance products.


eLeasing is a software solution that simplifies and accelerates the processing of applications and contracts between multiple parties (e.g. between a seller, leasing company and customer). The purpose of eLeasing is to minimise the time required for processing business cases.

eLeasing in a nutshell:

  • evaluation of clients’ creditworthiness (payment morale)
  • verification of the validity of identity documents
  • detection of possible financial risk

Thanks to the universal concept of the product, it can be used not only by leasing companies, but also by consumer-credit providers and the state administration, where eLeasing accelerates the processing of applications among individual institutions.

eLeasing’s capabilities:

  • connections all parties involved in a business case
  • automatic assessment of the risk level of a business case
  • recording of detailed information about the given case
  • generation of all necessary documents

We collaborate

We collaborate with several partner companies that are leaders in the areas of strong authentication, identity management and electronic signature. We integrate their products into our deliveries. In addition to everything that our company offers, our customers thus receive products and know-how supported by truly global references with millions of users.


OneSpan is a long-time leader in the area of strong authentication thanks to its DIGIPASS®. family of products. However, it is primarily a company that continuously monitors the development of security threats in IT, while developing its own products and know-how. With its products, OneSpan covers both cloud and  on-premise solutions for everything that you may need in the areas of identity management, strong authentication, adaptive authentication and electronic signature.

About OneSpan’s products, technologies and services

  • The now standard HW authentication tokens remain popular especially among corporate clients and as an alternative to mobile authentication applications.
  • The highly developed range of products for creating mobile authentication applications enables us (and you) to quickly and truly comprehensively handle user security in a user-friendly manner (OneSpan is well aware of how important it is to make activation of applications easy for users and how to secure it, how to score the context of authentication and, according to that, decide how strong the authentication should be).
  • The unique CRONTO® technology makes it possible to replace ordinary QR codes with a CRONTO® technology makes it possible to replace ordinary QR codes with a colour code, which cameras can scan more quickly, has higher capacity and is encrypted.
  • OneSpan’s IRM (FDS) solutions enable analysis of both the user’s long-term and immediate authentication context in order to achieve a precisely weighted balance of user comfort and security.
  • Compatibility with standards such as PSD2 and EIDAS is a matter of course.


Today part of OneSpan’s portfolio, this solution offers a well-thought-out process of electronic signing of documents with requirements for specific equipment on the part of the user. The solution has international references and outstanding ratings from specialised companies (e.g. Gartner).

eSignLive offers, for example:

  • digitalisation of business processes
  • multi-step flow of signing
  • fulfilment of EIDAS criteria
  • unambiguous proof of the user’s intent to sign a given document
  • handling of document signing without the necessity of specific equipment on the user’s side (e.g. certificate, authentication application)
  • on-premise and cloud solutions


Our partner company ForgeRock offers identity management, strong authentication (FIDO), access authorisation, authentication trees, risk management and much more in the form of on-premise and cloud solutions.

ForgeRock offers, for example:

  • comprehensive product equipment for identity management, adaptive authentication and risk management
  • auditing tools
  • outstanding performance for enterprise solutions
  • scalability of solutions
  • high-availability, clusterting of solutions (problem-free addition of nodes)
  • fast and effective technical support for systems integrators
  • on-premise and cloud solutions
  • tools for rapid deployment