We create comprehensive and fully functional software solutions to order.


Fulfil goals effectively, quickly and with a view to future changes.

Our team

We have our own team of senior developers for .NET and Java. Our developers have experience with enterprise projects for our customers and with projects where it is necessary to rapidly and agilely deliver merely a small (but important) change.

They use our products and proven third-party components in order to reduce the time of development.

We are not “just coders”. We think analytically.

It is not necessary to explain to our developers that:

  • they have to comment source code
  • they have to use universal and  scalable solutions
  • they have to perform unit tests
  • they have to think about security

IT and software architecture

Provide a high-quality technical design prepared for change.

Our team

We know how important it is to choose the right architecture for the customer’s existing environment and to prepare for future changes of the software solution. Our software architects are able to prepare the solution design, support the analysts and guide the developers. Everything is always in the customer’s best interest, whether it involves expansive enterprise (integration) projects or design of a custom portal.

We ensure that every solution is prepared for changes.

What our architects typically handle:

  • preparation of the design of solutions and new products in cooperation with analysts
  • close collaboration with our customers’ IT architects
  • oversight of security collaboration with security experts
  • management of the development team


Know precisely which solution and the reason for preparing it.

Our team

Every member of our analytics team is able to think in both business and technical terms. Our analysts know that they must always have the customer’s business goals in mind and think about user-friendliness; they also know what is technically and economically feasible and they moderate the discussion (and expectations) in the interest of the customer and the vendor in order to reach the most precise agreement possible.
Our analysts are not restricted to a particular methodology, technique, or system for conducting analyses. They are beneficial for agile and waterfall (fix time, fice price) projects. They proceed with respect for every customer and are always ready to learn, which is a natural part of their work.

The goal is not consultation or analysis, but the final product.

The selected work processes are subordinate to the character of each project, the requirements and practices of the customer’s corporate culture, the agreed deadlines and other factors.

The four steps of a thorough analysis (project):

  • Vision – together with the customer, we define what is expected from the project and what must be done to achieve a successful result.
  • Offer – based on the project’s level of difficulty, we determine an estimate for setting the budget.
  • Identification of functional specifications – processes, properties, application behaviour (usage examples), screen designs, demands placed on the solution, etc.
  • Solution design – close collaboration between the analyst and the software architect.


Know that the solution meets expectations.

Our team

In addition to testing, our testers have experience with technical support and deployment of solutions. Thanks to their insight insight into the functioning of software solutions, they are able to quickly and precisely identify problems.
Our testers are assertive and do not hesitate to join other members of the team in resolving any errors that may arise.

The quality of the delivery must be under control.

Competencies of our testers:

  • verification of the solution’s accordance with the design and expectations
  • identification of errors and assistance with eliminating them
  • whitebox and blackbox testing
  • identification and preparation of testing scenarios

Project management

Look after collaboration in its full scope.

Our team

Our project managers have been involved in a number of successful projects, as well as projects where we faced significant challenges. They perceive projects in their full scope and are able to think with respect to the needs of every member of the team.
Project managers lead ”our” (vendor) part of the team, while concurrently planning collaboration with their counterparts from the customer’s side. They are thus able to guarantee successful delivery even under difficult or changing conditions.

We must think ahead, never forget anything important and always overcome obstacles.

The selected work processes are subordinate to the character of each project, the requirements, the customer’s corporate culture, the agreed methodology and other factors.

Our project managers’ capabilities:

  • Agile and waterfall approaches
  • Project planning, communication planning
  • Identification and mitigation of risks
  • Change management

Release management

Prepare software solutions and put them into operation.

Our team

Our colleagues take care of the preparation of releases and their successful deployment. All requisites (release notes, planning, collaboration in smoke tests) are a matter of course.

Down to the final moment, we work to ensure that users are able to access services at the promised time.

Our release specialists’ work includes:

  • preparation of releases for deployment with all functionalities
  • dokumentation of releases, solutions
  • records of all releases
  • and mainly close collaboration in the course of deployment regularly outside of standard business hours.

Technical support

Eliminate problems if they occur.

Our team

The technical support team is prepared to fulfil the SLA (Service Level Agreement) in practically any scope including 24/7. The members of the team are involved in projects from the very beginning and are prepared to provide expert cooperation including interventions at the customer’s place of business.

We handle everything that operation of a software solution may bring.

Technical support activities include:

  • takeover of reported problems
  • designation of the team working on elimination of defects
  • continuous communication with the customer regarding the status of problem resolution
  • intervention at the customer’s place of business if required

You can report problems via telephone or e-mail, , or via our special error tracking system. We also operate a watchdog.