A && L was established by Aleš Procháska and Lucie Šmejkalová in 1992.

At the beginning, we focused on secure data transfer and we built the Metnet communication system on the basis of our own encryption protocol. Based on that same protocol, we later developed the OfficeLine e-banking platform, which was practically unparalleled on the Czech and Slovak markets at the turn of the millennium.

We developed our own proprietary database solution and programming language, modFlex.

We later started doing custom development, which gave rise to a number of successful applications such as the eLine platform for arranging lease agreements and the DPD Kurýr customer portal.

In addition to the ongoing development of the e-banking platform, we focused in the next phase on development of eCobra, a separate authentication server.

Today, we focus primarily on development and integration of authentication servers and authentication technologies, while also further developing the OfficeLine e-banking platform and eCobra authentication server and offering our skills for custom development.

We are at home in the world of secure B2C and B2B solutions, both in the banking sector and in government institutions.

Our credo is respect for the customer.


No one can understand your business and the field in which you operate. Therefore, our task is to understand your needs, design the right solution (using our products, third-party products and custom development and integration) and ensure that the result will be according to your requirements.


We truly care about our people. We maintain a stable team of colleagues who know each other well. If you decide to collaborate with us, you will see from the first moment that we are well coordinated and that we can depend on each other. We like our work and we are thus able to approach it with ease.

We bring all of this to you.

We have specialists in all types of work that we need for the successful implementation and operation of software solutions: developers, architects, analysts, testers, project managers, release managers and technical support specialists.

Of course, we also gladly collaborate with partner companies and customers’ teams. We always strive to provide the greatest benefit while also gaining as much as possible from collaboration.